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Damn! You guys are Sensitive!
Hey Jay I'd keep my fight till they stop you skating something worth the fight.I know I was'nt there and they obviously pissed you off no end without any just reason but ranting on OMA or CW for that matter is just stirring the pot and proly making more enemies,,they did'nt deny you acsess,which brings up my main issue,you've entered Roberts turf there and although thay seem cool on OMA,there will still be shit kickers who recon were all fugn fruit booters and I just hope Robert dont pay the price.Also dropped Dukes name in the rant too,I hope there are no ramifications for him to follow cos this is a big fight your picking so I hope when they start swinging boards,It's not at those who choose to take it easy and roll where and when thay can.
My opinions on the actual situation are insignificant as I am not willing to spill blood over them as the case may be.
I love you no end dood but I think you may be riscking more than you've considered and in the end,,none of us wants too skate there anyway.
Please ponder this for a while before answering.

cheers joe
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