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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Damn! You guys are Sensitive!
Hey Joe!
Where you going with that Gun in your Hand? Going down to Washington St.??? LOL!!

No, Just kidding.
You boys from the land @ the end of the Golden Brick Road are OK. You SHRED ridiculously well, yet you're so laid-back & mellow. I hope one day to meet, hang,talk @ great length, drink, & OF COURSE sk8 with you, Brother Joe.
You are, of course, 100% right. I don't wanna repeat myself unnecessarily so you may just wanna ready my replies to Mr. B & Robert, but suffice it to say I'm DONE with the Whole Wash St. Saga.
I did not intend to bring Trauma to any of my Quad Brethren. I said as much in my Rant. And I certainly NEVER said ANYONE's name especially not Duke!! I haven't followed all the Angry retorts on CD (& never posted on OMA) but I would NEVER do that to anyone, a Homie least of all.
The place sucked anyway. They just got me Riled. If I hadn't been there with friends, whose opinions I valued, AND my wife & Baby, I'm pretty sure I could've found a more immediate resolution to my feelings of Unfair Exclusion. But that wouldn't have been a Healthy response either. Just a natural one.
I LOVE you guys here on the Forum though! And, since my ranting/behavior has OBVIOUSLY upset you guys, I want to Apologize to everyone AGAIN for that. You guys would let me sk8, right?!
And, with this, I consider the Wash. St. Saga closed. At least amongst us rollerskaters. I'll deal with the Angry Boarders as I come across them at the parks. As I'm sure I will. I'm pretty well-known here in Vegas. And pretty easy to spot.

PEACE................ Jay
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