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Damn! You guys are Sensitive!
Jay let me say that at least me from across the big pond has been suffering with you. I'm also not fond of assholes but I have learned that there are some kinds of people who won't change for their better and some where I think it's not worth my time helping them to change. I prefer to deal with the rest. That being said: I know that I'm also a stubborn old man who is very slow in changing his ways.

: Some very salient (make you use your English Dictionary...maybe your English is ridiculously good!)Points that you've made.

I just looked up 'diddly' on dict.leo,org. They just had a translation for 'diddly-squat'. But it fits with what I've guessed ... ;-)

: No, I'm not the litigious-type. I have no intention to Sue. Anybody.

I wouldn't have thought so.

: These guys think they're the Kings of their little World.

Maybe it's all they have ...

: They may be, but that doesn't give them a Right to be Assholes. And, threatening me, NEVER NEVER gets the desired response.

I like that! I'm most of the time too timid to give some aggressors the proper response. In such situation I would be glad to have someone like you around who would tell them what. Maybe my timidity results from early unjust punishment at school for standing up for justice. By all means, keep on standing up for justice! Only never cross the line to injustice yourself.

: In my Defense (which I feel slightly Dirty having to offer) I had to jump through untold hoops with the city of Las Vegas in order to get myself PERMISSION to rollerskate in Vegas city SkateParks, including a Demo for the Parks & Rec Dept Supervisor. That "privilege" (to use public parks, funded by taxpayers, for their intended use!) is now extended to ALL rollerskaters in Vegas.

And I'm convinced that all roller skaters should be grateful for this. I am proud that you achieved this! Its absurd that it was necessary but you didn't let yourself being turned off by this.

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