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Damn! You guys are Sensitive!
: I just don't like 'haters" be they discriminating against: Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Height, Weight, Eye/Hair Color, or the number of wheels under my Ass. I don't like it & I WON'T tolerate it.

Amen to that. Though I have to admit that I'm surely not free of prejudice and more often than not sort people into boxes.

: I'm sorry but these people pissed off the wrong guy.

I think I understand your feelings very well. I have tried to describe this with some experience of my own. And I am proud of you that you don't let yourself be pissed off. I mean it! You should not lick the boots of anyone. Maybe there are two different things at stake here? First there is this skater-built park where I would grant the builders some rights to what they built. And second, there is the shabby way they treated you. Not right. But do you want to sue them because they offended you?

: I was trying to make a Point. One which they missed or were deliberately obtuse regarding.

I don't think they deliberately missed the point. Maybe you just gave them to many hooks where they could hang their arguments in your rant.

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