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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Woodward Video

: The WithitGirl website has posted an interview and video.
: [...]

It didn't work in my Netscape 6; so for everyone else who has
problems, here is the direct link to the flick:

(the direct link to the interview is )

Unfortunately, I'm not able to view the video; I'll try updating my Quicktime player.


Your skates look great with the new boots!

Where can I order those grind bars and toe guards?
Are the ACS trucks still being manufactured?

I also have Variflex plates; yesterday, I tried some Tracker hangers; the rode great,
but the tip (the other side, not the kingpin side) didn't really fit
into the hole in the plates, so it could jump out. Bummer.

So to get more robust skates, I seem to have two choices:

a) Build some, with custom plates and tracker trucks (base plus hanger),
as in,

b) Buy complete metal systems, such as Sure-Grip etc

Both options will be quite heavy; I'm still looking for a good
non-metal solution, or one where only the hangers are metal.
I'm mostly doing street, but also a bit of vertt.

Any tips anyone?


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