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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Woodward Video
: : The WithitGirl website has posted an interview and video.
: : [...]
: :
: It didn't work in my Netscape 6;

Mozilla 1.1 has no problems.

: I also have Variflex plates;

I also have a pair of Variflex plates for street (ab)use. Never had any serious problems.

: but the tip (the other side, not the kingpin side) didn't
: really fit into the hole in the plates, so it could jump
: out. Bummer.

You probably mean the pivot? You surely don'r want it to jump

: a) Build some, with custom plates and tracker trucks (base plus hanger),
: as in

Really heavy for street.

: I'm mostly doing street, but also a bit of vertt.

I think that you need specialised skates for each type of skating you are doing seriously. I tried to compromise myself and ended with a pair of skates which wasn't good neither for street nor for vert.

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