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Parts ??? Where ???
1. Where can I order those grind bars and toe guards?
Are the ACS trucks still being manufactured?

Grind bars are from Chicago frames. Years ago when rollerskating died, one shop was trashing stuff and I got about a dozen of these bars. They just happen to fit perfectly. I tried finding them, but no luck yet. They will crack and bend and break. I had 3 bars on my old skates and they still bend. I want to find a metal shop that will custom make stronger wider ones for me. Lisa Rollergirl makes her own, cuts them herself.
Toe Guards are off of K2 inlines, the Backyard Bob & Fatty line. You could try K2, Kelly, who rides for them, got them for me. They work great. You could cut the toes off some inline boots.
I don't think ACS is in business anymore.

2. I also have Variflex plates; yesterday, I tried some Tracker hangers; the rode great, but the tip (the other side, not the kingpin side) didn't really fit into the hole in the plates, so it could jump out. Bummer.

Yeah, Tracker pivots are larger. ACS hangers fit perfectly into Variflex plates. They are hard to get. I see them on ebay, but the bidding wars are fierce, mostly collectors. Thats where I got mine from. I rode the 500s (2.5" wide hangar), then got four 580s (3.5" wide) and its what I've been riding. I have 500s for sale on ebay now.
I think Bennett hangers fit, too, but I have never tried them. I know Tracker makes 85mm trucks for slalom and freestyle. Contact Climax manufacturing and express your interest in rollerskates, they are not convinced that there is a market for this stuff. Ask Brian Wainwright for their #.

3. So to get more robust skates, I seem to have two choices:
a) Build some, with custom plates and tracker trucks (base plus hanger) or b) Buy complete metal systems, such as Sure-Grip etc
Both options will be quite heavy; I'm still looking for a good non-metal solution, or one where only the hangers are metal. I'm mostly doing street, but also a bit of vert.
Any tips anyone?

: Tobi
Our choices are limited...and yes, all metal is heavy and it's hard to get wider trucks to work on rollerskates. We are stuck with building our own skates with whatever parts we can find that work. Good luck and let me know if you come up with any ideas.

--- irene
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