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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Woodward Video

Hi Bernhard,

: Mozilla 1.1 has no problems.

Works now in NN6; I just had to update the Quicktime player.

: I also have a pair of Variflex plates for street (ab)use.
: Never had any serious problems.

Yes, they really are OK so far (Irene uses them too AFAIK). I mainly worry about the hangers...

: You probably mean the pivot? You surely don'r want it to
: jump

Yeah; it happened with my previous plates, often when jumping down stairs.

: I think that you need specialised skates for each type of
: skating you are doing seriously. I tried to compromise
: myself and ended with a pair of skates which wasn't good
: neither for street nor for vert.

Having several pairs definitely is a good solution skates wise. But that's expensive :(
I enjoy skating round town all day in my sneakers (that's a major reason why I don't switch to inlines), doing anything from jumping to cruising (suboptimal surfaces) to (+/- tiny) vert.
I can't carry two or three pairs; I'd have to go by car or subway ...

So I'm still looking for a good compromise, and still think it's possible. Sure, for serious competitive vert skating for example, a specialized skate is probably the only option.


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