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Parts ??? Where ???
:Contact Climax manufacturing and express your interest in rollerskates, they are not convinced that there is a market for this stuff. Ask Brian Wainwright for their #.

Maybe not in North America yet, but the french and dutch seem to be. Brian might have better luck marketing them over there first while Canada and the States catch up. In the meantime what is needed is lots of exposure and being seen. I used to get razzed constantly when I first took to the streets with my quads 3 years ago (I know you can't stand that term Mr.Jessup) but now I'm accepted, even by teenagers, who will diss anybody different than them. (My apologies to any teens in this group).

I know I'm just a newbie in this particular area of skating, but it appears to me that keeping it a totally underground sport will only make it die out, not bring in new participants. After all, who's going to buy Brian's skates unless skaters are seen using them?

RS Dave
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