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Parts ??? Where ???
: this is getting mighty philisophical...
: with skating and other so called extreme sports hitting the mainstream, along comes exploitation as well. good with the bad. kids are so brainwashed, but they like the new and different. most have tried all kinds of wheels except rollerskates. for business, it has to be a guaranteed market and that will only come from exposure and promotion. retro is in and I see rollerskating making its comeback. will it last? or become underground again?

Promoted properly it should last at least a few years. Roller skating has always gone through cycles of 15 to 20 years, popping up again when the last generation of skaters has kids that "discover" the sport. With inlines currently tailing off a bit, maybe this will seem like something new. Only time will tell.

As for the philosophical part, Bernhard said his site is

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