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[I]I got started a couple of days ago. The first day, I just worked on my UHMW sliders. Those are incredibly tough to cut. Last night, I started the construction mode. I cut skis for skate plates, and attached the following :

One skate boot, two skateboard riser pads, two ace skateboard trucks, one slider riser block, & one slider.

After I had them all positioned properly, I glued my riser block to the plate, glued the slider to the block, and bolted it all firmly in place to the plate. I am starting boot number two now, and and I should have that done by the end of today. If I move quick enough, I'll also grind down all the corners on the skis so that there are no sharp corners. I always do that last, so that I can shape the skis to the curves of my newly mounted boots.[/I][CENTER]

I have pics, though they were taken in the dark. Sorry about that. I'm posting them below, but not sure if they are small enough for this message board. If not, I'll resize them later for you all to see.

Boots, Ski plates, Slider UHMW, skate bolts, truck riser
pads, skateboard trucks, & riser block for the slider.
Wheels & Bearings not shown.

Side view. Note, the riser block has same location markings as the slider and the plate.
Easier later to line up during final assembly.

A bottom view of the slider and trucks bolted on before detailing. Note the markings.
Very important when setting up the alignment.

An end shot. Kinda hard to even see.

Slider plate after insetting bolt holes.
Slider riser block after cutting weight with 1'2" and 1/4" holes.

Close up of inset slider plate bolt holes and position markings.

Close up of inset slider plate bolt holes and position markings.
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