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: So far looks great! Look heavy though. I have mine all hollowed out. Is that wood block heavy? It looks very stable though! I cant wait to see the final product and action shots!!

The block is really pretty light. On the second skate, I drilled even more holes through it to make it even lighter. The skateboard trucks are the really heavy item. But, I find that worrying about ounces/grams on vert skates is pointless. Your speed makes up for the weight. And your legs are really very strong and able to handle the minimal extra weight.

Also, the skis are very light, yet very strong. They help keep the weight down. I used 10 mounting bolts per skate. Four for each truck, and 2 for the slider apparatus.

And yes, the stability looks promising. I might, after trying them out, cut some angles on the sides for royales and farfs. I might also cut a trough through the middle for rails &/or coping.

I'll get you those finished shots and action shots asap.

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