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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
So far looks great! Look heavy though. I have mine all hollowed out. Is that wood block heavy? It looks very stable though! I cant wait to see the final product and action shots!!

: Your slider looks good! I also learned a new word: "to inset". In my description of my skates I always used "to countersink".
: : I have pics, though they were taken in the dark. Sorry about that. I'm posting them below, but not sure if they are small enough for this message board. If not, I'll resize them later for you all to see.
: Using the [IMG] tag is technically speaking not posting. There goes no copy of your images to the server, as is the case when you use the image field below the text box. Therefore, a size limitation applies only to posting an image to the roller skate forum. Apart from the disadvantage of the size limit, it also has one big advantage: The images will be available as long as the forum is available, even if the image hosting site isn't there any more.
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