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Distance to skateparks
I'm curious as to your situations on how you get to skateparks. Do you skate to them? Drive a car? Public transports? Bicycles? Fly a helicopter? Hijack a submarine?

Here in The Hague I can do most things by bicycle.
There's the malieveld with lots of things I can't do jack with, a narrow spine and an "open bowl" with a so-called cradle which barely deserves the name.
Then there's the Zuiderpark with a nice broad spine. It was renovated a little time ago, which meant good things and bad things. But because of its location I don't go there very often. I don't consider it safe to go alone.
Of course there's the Mient, featured in my video from a year ago. The tranny of the halfpipe there runs slightly steeper than at the spuybowl, which makes it that deciding bit better for straight-up airs. Unfortunately, it isn't safe there, either. If I'd ignore political correct speech, I'd say there's immigrant teens making it unsafe, as I was beaten up there when I was 15 and a friend of mine met the same fate a few months ago.
I go to Ypenburg, the deepest pool in the area, by public transports, although I could do that one on my bike, too. So far I've only been twice to Ypenburg anyway, and that was a year ago.
And of course, there's the Spuybowl, which I consider to be "home". It's the skatepark closest to my place, and actually, considering the reachability of Ypenburg, it's the best.
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