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Global Warming debate
: I usually drive my car to the Round Rock bowl, which is a good 20+ minute drive away. Once, they have the House Park skate park built, I'll be able to bike there, skate there, bus there, etc..
: The problem here in Texas is that urban sprawl is common. Only now, are people starting to think about the benefits of Urban density. Density helps to preserve land for farming, ecology, water, etc.. Density also makes public transportation more feasible. With sprawl, way too many bus lines are needed for way too few people. The infrastructure just is not there to support it.
: Anyone hear about 10-10-10??

Ceph, I am offended that you are turning this into a political discussion. I try to avoid that with friends. You'll also notice that in my original comments (above), I was not trying to start any kind of Global Warming dialogue.

My point was, and still is, conservation. Water, energy, and natural resources need to be secured. We need to be careful, as curators of our own Earth, to keep our farms viable, our lands clean, oceans/waters clear, different species of animals alive, and above all to make sure that we can all live on this big rock in a safe healthy way. Surely, you agree with that?!

Turning this into a rant about Gore, or your personal belief or disbelief in Global Warming, is disrespectful to all that come here to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow vert skaters. As are your attacks on Bernhard's education and character.

Please, let's move on.
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