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Global Warming debate
: Hm, too me there is no way out of accepting that human activity is a big driving force behind global warming (which also can't be denied any more and most "skeptics" don't try to do that anymore). I'm a physicist by education and my impression is that the "global warming skeptics" don't seem to grasp the consequences of basic physical laws like the law of energy conservation on a big scale.
: It's just like putting a lid on a pot full of water and turning on the heat. The water inside will get warmer, the time scale is only affected by the heat capacity of the pot.

Opinions differ, also among academics. Your physics degree doesn't mean you're a geologist, and you don't represent all the physicists either. It's not for nothing that the British board of education banned Al Gores crap from schools.
If it can't be denied that it's the humans fault anymore, then it's because everyone who did got beheaded by the sheeple, cheering along with what the media said.
Our planet already survived many kinds of climatical changes and it's always fluctuating anyway. I've heard they've found papers in France, documenting climatical change in the 17th century. That's before we started massively burning coals and gas.

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