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Distance to skateparks
Good Thread Ceph! I like it.
I have to admit, as an American, I drive EVERYWHERE. I DO have 1 sk8park (Silverado Ranch I'm sure I've posted videos of it in the past here) that's about 1/2 mile from my house. It's pretty small for me though & I don't frequent it very often.
We have well over a dozen decent parks in greater Vegas & probably more than that many NOT decent parks (like Silverado)
so I'll just list the RC Sk8Park Stops.
Stop 1 "Anthem" 4.5 Stars & about 6 Miles from house.
Stop 2 "Freedom" 4 Stars & about 12 Miles from house.
Stop 3 "Hollywood" 4.5 Stars & about 15 Miles from house.
Stop 4 "Area 702" 5 Stars & about 20 miles from house.
Stop 5 "Duck Creek" 2.5 Stars & about 1.5 Miles from house.
As to "safe", I don't worry about that AT ALL. I grew up a white boy in a VERY black 'hood in DETROIT. If being in the minority bothered me I don't think I would've become a vertical rollerskater! And, everybody knows how I handled the Washington Street Nazis. If I wanna sk8 someplace, they better lock it up GOOD if they want to stop me!
So, go sk8 where you want to, Ceph! You know that your sk8s are probably more of a weapon than anything some punk is likely to pull out of his pocket, don't you?!? LOL!
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