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Distance to skateparks
: Is this the Spuybowl??

That was the Spuybowl, like, six years ago, alright. Note the ocean of sand, the playground and the trees. The trees drop leaves, nuts and twigs into the pool, the sand gets blown into the pool, the kids come from the playground, their clothes and skin carrying another sand castles worth of sand, just to come slide into the bowl and spread all of it.
If you've seen dune, you'll understand why I think it's a miracle there's not gigantic worms and spice harvesters in the pool yet.
Gotta take a broom, dustpan and brush with me and clean for 20 minutes before I can put on my skates.
Without mentioning the kids misbehaving and claiming the pool for their sliding, running and soccerplaying purposes. It doesn't matter whether you say it nicely or just chase them by "almost" rolling into them, they keep coming back and their retard parents buy them fuckin' ice cream and other treats to reward them. Some parents even tell them not to listen to us, the skaters, and just go in there. As they put it, it's a public place and we should all just share. Retards.

: The problem here in Texas is that urban sprawl is common. Only now, are people starting to think about the benefits of Urban density. Density helps to preserve land for farming, ecology, water, etc.. Density also makes public transportation more feasible. With sprawl, way too many bus lines are needed for way too few people. The infrastructure just is not there to support it.
: Anyone hear about 10-10-10??

Myeah, I'm very skeptic of the climate/global warming movement. Yes, some things can be done differently. Sure, more efficient is a good idea, as well as independent from Middle-East countries. But some ex-vice president spreading dvd's featuring shots of him on his macbook in his huge mansion isn't something that inspires me to follow that man's ideas.
A few years ago there was a nice, skeptical article in Wired magazine about the climate hype. They said things like "screw organic", why would your berries from Peru change anything if it took a plane and three trucks for them to get to you instead of one truck from the local, insecticide-using farms? "Cut the trees", they stated that trees, passing a certain age, don't filter CO2 anymore, producing oxygen, but instead they rot and spread it. And they, indeed, also mentioned urban density. With everyone having their houses against each other, wall to wall, heat would be shared and radiators wouldn't need to be set at such a high level as when you would live in a house standing on its own.

I've also heard a theory that some brilliant person invented hydrogen cars way before, but when he wanted to publish it, he was murdered and his work disappeared.
Speculations aside, if the governments really wanted it, they would've already spent that extra billion bucks on science and R&D, forced their new standard onto gas pumps and car manufacturers, and the transition to non-petrol options would've already begun years ago. It's not because Al Gore generated a wave of mass media hype that the authorities didn't know what to do.

So that's my opinion. Fuck mass media hypes, just invest in science and R&D and stop screwing around.
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