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Distance to skateparks
I have to drive because the public transportation here SUCKS. It takes 2 hrs to go a 15 minute ride and the most obese person has to sit next to me so they can take half my seat too. I dont like people sitting ON TOP of me. :(

I want to ride my bike because the kiddie park is a mile away but the others are 45 mins. Thats a problem now due to my lack of funds. I wish I could go via helicopter! lol! But how do others carry all their stuff? I skate looking like the Michelin girl.

I live in a low income neighborhood, and have for a long time. Actually my neighbor got arrested last night for fighting, throwing stuff and assaulting someone in his apartment. Usually its for drugs. SO I have to deal with the lack of safety in all areas. I find skateparks safe.
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