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Global Warming debate
: Yet, you persist in furthering your own political agenda by saying the following, as a \"got the last word\" jab.....
: : I just don\'t like to see the consequences of the recent
: : environmental hype.
: : Decisions the EU took, like making factories pay for CO2
: : mission, don\'t solve anything. The only thing these kind
: : of measures do is kill the smaller enterprises and make
: : the monopolies only richer. Coca cola can live without
: : that extra billion.
: You should have just posted your sentence below and ended it :
: : You\'re right this is the worst place imaginable for a
: : political discussion.

Honestly, I didn\'t see it as a \"last word jab\".
Surely you see why monopolies can make things worse in this world and I also think we can agree on how authorities like EU ministers sometimes really seem to care more about their sixth house, their third ferrari and their very own golf course than your and my future.
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