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Global Warming debate
: Ceph, I am offended that you are turning this into a political discussion. I try to avoid that with friends. You'll also notice that in my original comments (above), I was not trying to start any kind of Global Warming dialogue.
: My point was, and still is, conservation. Water, energy, and natural resources need to be secured. We need to be careful, as curators of our own Earth, to keep our farms viable, our lands clean, oceans/waters clear, different species of animals alive, and above all to make sure that we can all live on this big rock in a safe healthy way. Surely, you agree with that?!
: Turning this into a rant about Gore, or your personal belief or disbelief in Global Warming, is disrespectful to all that come here to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow vert skaters. As are your attacks on Bernhard's education and character.
: Please, let's move on.

I agree with the idea of conservation of the earth and survival is certainly better than thermonuclear war. I just don't like to see the consequences of the recent environmental hype.
Decisions the EU took, like making factories pay for CO2 emission, don't solve anything. The only thing these kind of measures do is kill the smaller enterprises and make the monopolies only richer. Coca cola can live without that extra billion.

You're right this is the worst place imaginable for a political discussion, not that me or anyone really incited it.
I hate politics anyway, it always gets in the way of friendship and other useful things.

I'm sorry, Biff. I didn't mean to offend you.
My apologies to Bernhard, too, if he felt offended by what I said. I was by no means trying to undermine your education and character.

Move along, nothing to see here. ;)
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