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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Brian Wainwright, one more try
: : : I did this today. My body needed a rest so this was a good way to rest. Is this a stall or grind? Putting it up on my site. I might just finish up Irene now and touch up the others, but if theres another good pic, I might be able to do one more lol. Skating photos are so awesome for me to work with!!
: : :
: Shweet, I likes!
: Have you thought about working with Duke's "Dying Breed" tshirts?
: I know he's always looking for new graphics. Keep up the great work!

I tend to do stuff just to please myself now cause theres so much unpleasant crap to deal with if you try to market things and usually no money in it in the end, sometimes a loss. Its a rough business. I'll think about it. I finished your image last night too, its on my website and I think its cool. Not sure if it needs cool (temp) colors in it to balance.

Now I need to come up with text to finish. :-D I might do a more graphic one of Lisa grinding next! Then when kids say I should get aggressive skates, I can show them on my shirt lol. This is fun for me........
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