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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Brian Wainwright, one more try
: Yes, I'm more confused now! I thought:
: grinds = "move";
: stalls= "still";
: slides = "(move+ plastic)"

That's almost my view. Except that I'd say that a grind has to bring some hard surfaces (metal on metal or metal on concrete) to bring about that grinding sound. But now I understand why Robert's terminology is a bit different: he has quite some inline experience and the inliners call every movement a grind. In rollerskater terminology that would all be slides.

: I guess being so dispursed and few, we have more freedom to be creative and not follow a set list of predefined tricks.

Absolutely. Creativity rules in skater land!

: Well, glad this came up cause now I can tease the inliners that they dont grind, only SLIDE, lol!

That't the spirit: When they tease you, tease them!

BTW: Sometimes I express the movement in my pictures. There are at least two photographic tactics to do this: strobo flash and second curtain flash combined with long-time exposure, creating a trailing slur.

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