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Brian Wainwright, one more try
The software I use, you grab a brush or you can make your own for a certain texture, choose a color from the palette and use a pen on a presurized tablet, paint away! Its fun and less costly then buying oils and canvas when youre broke lol. Easier to change, undo too. I always wish there was an undo button in oil painting!

But I can print them on transparencys which I then iron on I think. I have a nice printer. Just need to find these. I think Michaels or something will have them. I did the images letter size, 300 pixels, CMYK, so they should print well. I need some text now though.

Thanks for the complement. It makes me feel good people like them! I thought my style would go well with vert skating! :-D Yeah, Brian is an awesome skater, thats why I did him.

: Oh, forgot to express how f'n amazing Brain's skating is. Even in my prime I could not get near his style or skill. Claudine....grind=trucks, stahl=plate. : )
: : Claudine, that is some awesome work. So, that is basically digital art? My dad has done some cool stuff with that. I guess there is a pad that you can draw on? I don't know a thing about silk screening and the costs. They have places in the mall here that you can bring a picture and they will print it on a shirt. We also have places where you can get 5 quality T-shirts for $10. I am guessing the silk screen set up is what is expensive. If their were more of us, I would say we should all chip in and order some shirts, but there are not enough of us.
: :
: : : : : : I did this today. My body needed a rest so this was a good way to rest. Is this a stall or grind? Putting it up on my site. I might just finish up Irene now and touch up the others, but if theres another good pic, I might be able to do one more lol. Skating photos are so awesome for me to work with!!
: : : : : :
: : : : : :
: : : : That is freeking awsome..I thought it was a photo shoped pic..Very imprest.
: : : :
: : : : cheers joe
: : :
: : : Its a free hand photoshop painting. I put the image next to the one I'm working with. Its easy in that program to adust the image to get a near likness, distort, blur, erase, move, paint on top and make transparent layers. Painting you have to let it dry unless you are just doing a tonal sketch with mineral spirits so I just go with my natural distortions usually. I"m just too impatient and like to put the paint on thick lol. In art school, we learned how to measure to get accuracy too, sometimes I use it, sometimes I just eyeball it. I might do one more, thanks! I'm going to print them on t-shirts this winter. I will look COOL. :-D
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