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Brian Wainwright, one more try
: Hey guys I rekon it's based on the skateboard terminology were a grind is on the trucks even if you have plastic copers on and a boardslide is across the guts of the board/skate even if your running alloy rails. Stalls are just that, however terms like 5/0,rock'n'roll and disaster are also used for different techniqs.

Yup, that's probably the source where I get my undertandings of trick naming from.

: Even inliners call sideways moving slides slides and forward ones grinds from memory.

The inliners I know call all their moves grinds. I usually tease them by telling them that they can't possibly do any grinds but "only" slides. ;-)

: anyhoo I hope I have'nt confused you more.

I find this whole subject of trick naming rather interesting. I guess it isn't so well developed with the roller skaters because we are so few.
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