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Brian Wainwright, one more try
Hahahaha yes, and when you get a picture of yourself doing a flip, I'll do you too!! ;-P

Yeah, I could push through the pain and skate but no medical means I have to lay off. If I saw a Dr, thats what they would say, DONT SKATE TIL YOUR IN PAIN lol. I just love it so. I might have to skate an hour tomorrow lol. I'll chill this weekend, do some art and web stuff. I'm dying to do some stalls and I think I've figured out how to do a simple handplant. But its more like a roundoff. Gee, and I was on a roll....... I was so high!

: Wow, you did Brian? Just kidding and I know it was a bad joke. Since I can't skate I have been hitting the booze again. I am in so much pain and need a chiropractor, but don't have insurance and don't know of anyone since I moved. By the way, I just submitted a request for information for AFLAC. I heard it is good and want to see how much it costs. Before I start trying my old tricks, I want to know I will be covered if I get hurt. I want to skate so badly, but I am in serious pain. I don't know how these professional athletes do it. Pain pills might help, but how can they function?
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