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I rolled around the 10.5 foot bowl today!
Except for the coping, its an amazing bowl. The drop is too steep for me. Over a foot of vert terrifies me. I need to do 6.5 feet, 7, etc. work my way up. Otherwise I might have a heart attack dropping in lol.

But with pool coping too, that would be hard to slide on since there are in pieces with gaps between them. The actual subtle curves of the bowl feel incredibly amazing. Give me a year or two, I will learn it. I think for sidestance, dropping in this way would be easier. But I'm sticking to being a parallel skater.

No improvements today. My legs were tired, not sure why. I find doing tricks takes a lot more out of me. I need to do some squats, lunges, sit ups and handstands during the week so I can get some power. I think this will be my downfall. Irene is so amazing with her power! I'm just agile.

I didnt manage any grabs yet. Still getting used to the speed from the deep end drop in. I tried a real truck grind and didnt get it with the extra speed. I tried harder 98a wheels. Loved them but if I didnt land everything perfectly, I will totally slip and slide out. I think those are too hard. Thanks again Irene!

Robert, I might have to lay low skating during the week. My knee still hurts. Just not with the bowl skating. Its tendonitis. Not sure why it hasnt healed yet. I wish I could do jumps, but that hurts.

: Wow, sounds like you are really kicking ass. Between the rain and just laziness I have not skated for a couple of weeks. I really want to get my plate situation resolved. I personally find these new bowls to be really hard for rollerskating. I don't like coping sticking way out and I hate these really short trannies that go from vert to flat in a matter of a second. I have recently learned there are a few parks out there with 8 ft bowls. I think I want to try to skate something a little more mellow so that I can do my tricks. I was at the mall yesterday to see a movie and stopped by the Vans park. That ramp is friggin huge and has at least two feet of vert. The combi bowl looks pretty brutal as well. Looks fun, but I am just not ready for that shit.
: : Didnt drop in but I let myself down and rolled around. That bowl in Greenbelt is AMAZING! There are these subtle curves that you dont see that really feel amazing when you ride them. There is one that launches you up in the air an inch or so and its so much FUN. I'm just not ready to do vert yet dropping in. Theres about a 1 1/2 feet of vert dropping in and the coping extends over the bowl an inch. I dropped in the deep end of the small bowl today, it was just mental, but its not yet vert. I'm scared lol!
: :
: : The vert skateboarders are the best. I couldnt walk up with my toe stops since they slipped but they gave me a truck to help me out. :-D I guess there are no really grippy toe stops? Cause I would love to roll around in the big bowl more but at 71/2 to 8 feet at the drop in, kinda hard for a shorty to get out lol. Wow that was fun, I'm in TROUBLE now lol.
: :
: : I also got a handplant down, twisted around mostly with landing my feet but only getting my body up 45 degrees. So I have a ways to work up to looking good. I might try 2 places tomorrow because since I get incredible speed dropping in the deep end and I fly over the coping, I want to start working on grabs and 1 foot 50-50s.
: :
: : I rode the gizmos, 58mm 97a. They didnt feel really any harder/less grippy. But they didnt leave me much room to my sliders and felt a touch slower. I think 59-60mm works best for me unless I lower my sliders. I wasnt as fond of the square design. I find carving easier with more curved corners. So far the cockroaches are my favs, but I think now I would also like the type-s! Same shape but lighter and a touch harder.
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