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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
I rolled around the 10.5 foot bowl today!
: Where do I get the kryptonics?

Maybe Rollergirl or Skates On Haight has them ...

: Are they small or big cause I cant do truck grinds if the stopper is taller then my trucks.

Have a look at my old how to. The stopper you can see on those pics is already a bit worn down, but you should be able to get an impression.

: But if I can get myself out, I would just lower myself in the big bowl more often if there isnt anyone up there. I was totally tired when I skated it otherwise I would have tried to pump out some too. I can now see myself doing vert, one day!

You are so crazy! But it's good to hear that you can skate while working on your new job.
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