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I rolled around the 10.5 foot bowl today!
: Wow, sounds like you are really kicking ass. Between the rain and just laziness I have not skated for a couple of weeks. I really want to get my plate situation resolved. I personally find these new bowls to be really hard for rollerskating. I don't like coping sticking way out and I hate these really short trannies that go from vert to flat in a matter of a second. I have recently learned there are a few parks out there with 8 ft bowls. I think I want to try to skate something a little more mellow so that I can do my tricks. I was at the mall yesterday to see a movie and stopped by the Vans park. That ramp is friggin huge and has at least two feet of vert. The combi bowl looks pretty brutal as well. Looks fun, but I am just not ready for that shit.
I love the vert ramp there at Vans, rode it a coupla times w/the LA crew. The combi scares me still. If you check out BNW's vid, you see he's killin' it.

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