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my skates now...
: : Really strange. Where are all those girls?
: All those girls sold their souls to derby and now they dont have time for REAL fun. OK, I'm biased! I'm also not a contact sport person.

Not that many derby girls over here in Germany. But I could imagine this to be fun. I've never actually seen roller derby action, however.

: I wonder, could I ride that bike to work too? Its about 6 miles away and side roads so it would be fast enough. Then I would save money on gas! We talked about motorcycles all during lunch today lol. Now I really want one and I would sell my car, just I'm afraid to ride a motorcycle on the highway which I would need to for skateparks and my animals need bails of hay and big bags of bedding.

This bike probably isn't suited very well to transporting stuff. My bike is much better in this respect. I've got two suit cases on its sides (I can put a helmet or something of similar size in it) and it has room for two persons to sit on it.

: So what do you carry your skating stuff in? I would need a big bag for all my skating stuff and food for two lol. I get hungry!

I've got a very big skating bag where I can also put my camera bag into. Gets very heavy then, so I somtimes leave the camera equipment at home. I strap this bag to the bike behind me.
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