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my skates now...
These are my skates now except I also added toe guards to them since I'm killing my toes doing the handplants. I've sewed in snug ties to them too lol. You can sort of see by the small stoppers on them that the tip is just below my trucks. When I had the bell ones on, when I hit a truck grind, it would hit the stopper too and that would throw me into the bowl. Thats why I asked! But I could take my sandblaster and sand it down? I donno what those are called lol.

I wish I could skate more, but with the snow, ice, night classes once a week and extra homework and work in the evenings, I only get 1-2 days in during the week. I need to do other exercises to get stronger cause now that I'm doing tricks, I find my body tires quick. I also find that in the big bowl, it takes a lot more strength! I am finding now that I'm older, I seem to need more sleep (4 hrs doesnt cut it now). But my work is 15 mins away so I still skate and will a bunch come April/May!!

My coworker is talking me into some motorcross classes. Sounds like fun, but the money, plus I'm not sure if anything compares to skating. Trying to find a second sport to do on these ugly days, and one that uses different muscles so I can still have fun on days I cant skate. I seem to be too lazy to "exercise" but not to skate my legs off lol.

: : Where do I get the kryptonics?
: Maybe Rollergirl or Skates On Haight has them ...
: : Are they small or big cause I cant do truck grinds if the stopper is taller then my trucks.
: Have a look at my old how to. The stopper you can see on those pics is already a bit worn down, but you should be able to get an impression.
: : But if I can get myself out, I would just lower myself in the big bowl more often if there isnt anyone up there. I was totally tired when I skated it otherwise I would have tried to pump out some too. I can now see myself doing vert, one day!
: You are so crazy! But it's good to hear that you can skate while working on your new job.
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