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my skates now...
: : I love hockey stops! But sometimes a nice slow down is good or a bounce off the bowl. :-D
: :
: : Heres the bike I think I would have fun with!
: :
: :
: Looks like fun! But I think it would break down under my weight. ;-)
: : I really like the skateboarders, esp. the vert skateboarders. Now I dont feel out of place even though I'm definately different. Its really a different experience then when I skate with inliners and street skaters.
: I also have the impression that vert skateboarders are culturally closest to roller skaters.
: : I shouldnt complain but I dont get to hang with many female friends nowadays. As a kid there was always a girl that was a tomboy like me!
: Really strange. Where are all those girls?

All those girls sold their souls to derby and now they dont have time for REAL fun. OK, I'm biased! I'm also not a contact sport person.

I wonder, could I ride that bike to work too? Its about 6 miles away and side roads so it would be fast enough. Then I would save money on gas! We talked about motorcycles all during lunch today lol. Now I really want one and I would sell my car, just I'm afraid to ride a motorcycle on the highway which I would need to for skateparks and my animals need bails of hay and big bags of bedding.

So what do you carry your skating stuff in? I would need a big bag for all my skating stuff and food for two lol. I get hungry!
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