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my skates now...
I love hockey stops! But sometimes a nice slow down is good or a bounce off the bowl. :-D

Heres the bike I think I would have fun with!

I really like the skateboarders, esp. the vert skateboarders. Now I dont feel out of place even though I'm definately different. Its really a different experience then when I skate with inliners and street skaters.

I shouldnt complain but I dont get to hang with many female friends nowadays. As a kid there was always a girl that was a tomboy like me!

: : Public transport? Here, a 15 min. drive would take me 2 hrs lol. I wish......
: Yes, public transport seems to be pretty bad in the US. Probably one of the reasons why they don't want to join the Kyoto protocol. I had a rental car myself when I was in the US in 2004.
: : I dont want a bike for road though. Seen too many death crashes! Or if the person lived, they would wish they didnt make it.
: I had quite some crashes but it doesn't keep me from riding my bike. I didn't crash my current bike, however, and I hope to keep it that way. The worst that happened to me was a broken thumb.
: : I was just thinking I would love to do something fun with another female too. I pretty much hang with the guys all the time now.
: You are quite the lucky girl. For me, its mostly skating alone. When the weather will permit it again and when my bike will start again (probably needs a new battery).
: : I'm checking into stoppers. I wont go without them now! I like the idea of getting out of the bowl and it makes life much easier stopping. My wheels are too hard even at 96a to be of much use with the t-stop and they are so useful I'm finding in many ways.
: But you could do hockey stops with your slippery wheels! Is quite a funny thing but has a big danger for generating flat spots.
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