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my skates now...
: : These are my skates now except I also added toe guards to them since I'm killing my toes doing the handplants. I've sewed in snug ties to them too lol. You can sort of see by the small stoppers on them that the tip is just below my trucks. When I had the bell ones on, when I hit a truck grind, it would hit the stopper too and that would throw me into the bowl. Thats why I asked! But I could take my sandblaster and sand it down? I donno what those are called lol.
: I understand. You've got really small stoppers. Which reminds me that there used to be some roller skaters who sawed off a piece of their stoppers. There are also some roller skaters who don't use stoppers at all.
: : My coworker is talking me into some motorcross classes. Sounds like fun, but the money, plus I'm not sure if anything compares to skating.
: For me, my motorbike is strictly for transport purposes. I mainly use it to get to ramps where it si very inconvenient to get to by public transport.

Public transport? Here, a 15 min. drive would take me 2 hrs lol. I wish......
I dont want a bike for road though. Seen too many death crashes! Or if the person lived, they would wish they didnt make it. I was just thinking I would love to do something fun with another female too. I pretty much hang with the guys all the time now.

I'm checking into stoppers. I wont go without them now! I like the idea of getting out of the bowl and it makes life much easier stopping. My wheels are too hard even at 96a to be of much use with the t-stop and they are so useful I'm finding in many ways.
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