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: Hey folks,,seems a bit quiet round here so I thought I'd say I've been chatting to Jay the rollerskater on myspace a bit lately,,hell of a nice guy and I recon we'll be seeing a bit more of him on here soon.Anyhoo I hope every one is fit and well and tearing the shit out of any and all tranny available,
: cheers joe
: ps: how you holding up Claudine,starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel yet,,take it easy girl.

sorry guys im just waiting to see some good pics/vids of yall. no light here yet. i get my mri tomorrow and talk w/ dr. bout my knee thurs, then the 31st i will know when the next time they cut me up. maybe ill ask my arm dr. if he can take pics of my arm guts and all lol. im ashamed to say i am doing nothing. wanted to put my speed sk8s together but afraid to try 1 handed and rarely up to painting. i am trying to get myself to vacuum and wash my sheets so i can get a benedryl break. very allergic to dust and dust mites and its making me sick since im in my apt most the time. i am putting a video up now of my piggies feasting and fighting over a tomato lol. thats my excitment for the week. so u guys please show me video. robert even if its how to use ur toe stops on street, i am pretty bored here. i wish i lived in a place where there were free things to do. im getting too popular w/ the senior citizens. they r nice tho and praying for me. they call me pinky cause of my cast because they forget my name lol.
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