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i think finger joints are hardest. this time i finally got all my knuckles out of cast yet i still cannot make a full fist. and i had no injury to my hands. but its really only my small fingers that are tightest. of course i was told some of this might be because my arm is still broken. they were fine before surgery tho. i was told by people bones are easy to heal, only 6 weeks. well, not so simple at times. im glad u can do everything u enjoy! thats all that matters.

i hope jay posts here. and i hope by spring i can go back to going on 12 again.

: : Happy birthday MrB you'd be about 21 by now right?
: Shh! Don't tell anybody! ;-) But thanks for the congratulations!
: : And how are your ailments comming along now,,Are you back on the guitar yet?
: Guitar playing works pretty nicely. I would say that any botches are to be attributed to lack of excercise rather than to the injury. The hand is not back to normal, however. But my ergo therapist told me that the joint capsules are pretty unforgiving. Anyhow, I am pretty happy to still being able to play the guitar.
: : Me and Ludi are off to SOS again next month(booked tickets tonight) so Ludi,rollerball,beanstalk and me will have a drink in your honour when we're all together for the aniversary of meeting you and maybe a couple for your birthday too.
: Hey that's great! I'd like to be there too. At least I would be able to find my way to Bondi. But Sydney is vast (and Melbs too). Hey, in 2004 I even thought San Diego was a small town!
: Give my regards to everyone in Sydney who still remembers this German who didn't skate. ;-)
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