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: i think finger joints are hardest. this time i finally got all my knuckles out of cast yet i still cannot make a full fist.

It will require time and training. But since you had no injury to your hand, I am pretty confident that you will regain full mobility soon. The muscles in the hand will take long, however.

: and i had no injury to my hands.

: but its really only my small fingers that are tightest.

My little finger wouldn't budge at all in the root joint at first. Now it's almost as good as the index finger and much better than the ring finger and the middle finger which had fractures in the joints.

: of course i was told some of this might be because my arm is still broken. they were fine before surgery tho.

Yeah, but they stiffen from lack of use. Therefore it is important to move everything that is possible and allowed by the doctor so that it won't stiffen.

: i was told by people bones are easy to heal, only 6 weeks. well, not so simple at times.

Well, it's not easy if you've got a big gap in you bone.

: im glad u can do everything u enjoy! thats all that matters.

That's true.

: i hope jay posts here. and i hope by spring i can go back to going on 12 again.

You should be in a much better state by then.
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