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: i have gotten a little more mobility back in those joints

That's great.

: but my dr. mentioned now i will have permanent mobility problems since my arms been broken so long. i am not sure if not using it, i am not permanently losing it at this time.

That would be awful. :-((

: if my arm dr. doesnt agree to work w/ the knee dr. or doesnt set a date to reoperate AND doesnt let me know more whats going on/gives me choices, etc. i am thinking of seeing another dr. get a 2nd opinion. i am not sure how this works w/ insurance but i need my arm to heal.

I had three opinions altogether regarding my knee injury. The first doctor obviously was the wrong choice and he sent me to a famous professor at the university hospital which resulted in another month delay. I did not see this professer, however, but only his deputy who obviously only tried to impress a young female assistant doctor with the knowledge he had read in books. I wasn't sure if this guy ever sewed up a quadriceps tendon himself (torn quadriceps tendons aren't that common). Afterwards I quickly reached the decision that I didn't want to get operated neither by this guy nor by the guy who sent me there and immediately got a date with a small private clinic specialised on orthopedic surgery. At first I didn't want to go there because I hoped I wouldn't need butchering. The Swiss accidence insurance payed every bill.

: i believe my body rejected the graft. i wish he gave me choices since i know my body is sensitive/allergic to many things so i know foreign bone may not take so well.

But you wouldn't react allergic to your own bone? I think the plan is to take a piece of bone from your hip?
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