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: : i have gotten a little more mobility back in those joints
: That's great.
: : but my dr. mentioned now i will have permanent mobility problems since my arms been broken so long. i am not sure if not using it, i am not permanently losing it at this time.
: That would be awful. :-((
: : if my arm dr. doesnt agree to work w/ the knee dr. or doesnt set a date to reoperate AND doesnt let me know more whats going on/gives me choices, etc. i am thinking of seeing another dr. get a 2nd opinion. i am not sure how this works w/ insurance but i need my arm to heal.
: I had three opinions altogether regarding my knee injury. The first doctor obviously was the wrong choice and he sent me to a famous professor at the university hospital which resulted in another month delay. I did not see this professer, however, but only his deputy who obviously only tried to impress a young female assistant doctor with the knowledge he had read in books. I wasn't sure if this guy ever sewed up a quadriceps tendon himself (torn quadriceps tendons aren't that common). Afterwards I quickly reached the decision that I didn't want to get operated neither by this guy nor by the guy who sent me there and immediately got a date with a small private clinic specialised on orthopedic surgery. At first I didn't want to go there because I hoped I wouldn't need butchering. The Swiss accidence insurance payed every bill.
: : i believe my body rejected the graft. i wish he gave me choices since i know my body is sensitive/allergic to many things so i know foreign bone may not take so well.
: But you wouldn't react allergic to your own bone? I think the plan is to take a piece of bone from your hip?

i dont understand why the graft died. if by chance it were nutritional, it should still heal but slow. if its from my body, its alive for one, and my body should accept it. its my own "organ" per say. since the graft is all gone i would guess my body rejected it? i am highly sensitive to many chemicals, some foods, environment things so i think the chance my body would react negatively to something from someone elses body might be high. if he communicated with me, i could have told him my background. like i mentioned, i cant even have iodine on my skin as that gave me severe itching and a rash. i think he did a good job with surgery but i am upset now he hasnt given me choices and isnt telling me much. plus if the graft is dead, why am i waiting a whole month for him to operate? he was #2 as the first dr. was going to leave me crippled. i guess he knew i would have problems. like i said, i was never told that breaks could be so difficult otherwise i would have tried to go in lifelong debt to get it looked at immediately.
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