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: : this might hurt, but i am hoping to suggest cutting my tailbone out and putting that in my arm. its not needed and its a pain in the ass lol.
: At least you've still got your sense of humour. ;-)
: I'm pretty sure they won't use the tailbone, however.

darn, that would have saved me future anal issues lol.
i do not believe its nutritional but i did contact a nutritionist that deals w/ vegetarians since i am more so one since i cant be 100% sure. she doesnt take insurance but mentioned many have low vit. D levels and that could affect things. i made an appt. w/ my primary dr. to see if she could check that level and other levels that may affect bone healing to see. but it might be something out of my control. as a child i ate like other kids, more then they did and the same foods as my brother. noone in my family was a small eater. but he grew up a tall and sturdy german like most my family members and i'm still as big as his left leg.
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