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: : i hope he communicates to me why it didnt heal and does something more. the reason i mentioned allergies is that although it has nothing to do w/ bone, i know noone in this world that has problems w/ iodine. but its usually not an issue except for pre op procedures and tests. of course they thought my allergy wasnt important so i had consequences. so i think i am more prone to reject anything foreign, thats all. i guess i should wait til my drs. tell me something. right now i am doing nothing but worrying if/when they will do something. as i said, longer in the cast may lead to further permanent disability. plus i cant work or have fun now waiting for more surgeries.
: I completely agree that they shouldn't let you be waiting. I think the only thing he can tell about your first question is that there was a chance that it would heal without transplanting and therefore they tried if it would.

i agree. i am sure they want to try the least invasive method the best since most everyone would want that. but i still wish i knew more info beforehand because i would have opted for the most effective method the first. i am a very tough girl and want to heal. another scar and a little more pain for a couple weeks means little to me. 5 more months of not sk8n is way more PAINFUL as is losing ability to use my arm fully. pain for me is not pain for normal person, i can handle physical stuff, mental stuff i need to move and have my fun. i am not scared of surgery or pain. being bored out of my mind is worse then being shot or stabbed. i will sit here w/ shooting stabbing pains anyday if it means i will be healthy again.
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