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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
: : Hey folks,,seems a bit quiet round here
: That's because I am so quick sweeping out the SPAM. Lots of SPAM today, strange weather in the internet. ;)
: : so I thought I'd say I've been chatting to Jay the rollerskater on myspace a bit lately,,hell of a nice guy and I recon we'll be seeing a bit more of him on here soon.
: That would be great!
: : Anyhoo I hope every one is fit and well and tearing the shit out of any and all tranny available,
: I haven't been skating for a week now. I was quite OK the last time I have been skating but after my birthday party last Saturday I have been sick from too much left-over cake so I haven't been able to do anything.

Happy birthday MrB you'd be about 21 by now right?
And how are your ailments comming along now,,Are you back on the guitar yet?Me and Ludi are off to SOS again next month(booked tickets tonight) so Ludi,rollerball,beanstalk and me will have a drink in your honour when we're all together for the aniversary of meeting you and maybe a couple for your birthday too.

Take care good buddy

cheers joe
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