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: i dont understand why the graft died. if by chance it were nutritional, it should still heal but slow. if its from my body, its alive for one, and my body should accept it. its my own "organ" per say. since the graft is all gone i would guess my body rejected it?

I think it has nothing to to with an allergic reaction but with the body absorbing unused stuff. It had no static function so it was absorbed. Probably this is even the case with every bone. I think bones are constantly rebuilt and the load on the bones is important for this process. It's one of the reasons why a prolonged stay in zero-gravity is so problematic.

: i am highly sensitive to many chemicals, some foods, environment things so i think the chance my body would react negatively to something from someone elses body might be high. if he communicated with me, i could have told him my background. like i mentioned, i cant even have iodine on my skin as that gave me severe itching and a rash.

This allergic reaction isn't nice but I also believe it's not really connected to your bone problem.

: i think he did a good job with surgery but i am upset now he hasnt given me choices and isnt telling me much. plus if the graft is dead, why am i waiting a whole month for him to operate? he was #2 as the first dr. was going to leave me crippled.

That's a good question. I think it has to do a lot with the American health system. They should be in a position to do what is best for the patient and not always worry if the insurance will pay. :-(

Don't panic. I think if they put in a piece of bone which connects the loose ends the bone will finally heal. But always remind them of your special needs!

: i guess he knew i would have problems.

That's difficult to judge. I don't know.

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