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tips on centering a plate?
So far it seems that people freak on putting on plates if they arent artistic set up. And I want to put a full length plate on mine so might have to do it myself unless I can get Lisa to do it or who knows who else lol. I dont have the money to afford a screw up right now to learn. So any tips? I have a SUPER good eye that I can tell from looking if one plate is even a mm off, just dont know what IS center. I dont know if the snyder tool would do or if I should eyeball the boot from above to get it centered or measure a line to the 2nd and 3rd toe or whats the most accurate way. Any help? I'm afraid to do this without having watch it being done since I learn by observing. I dont get what the deal is on putting on a plate thats an inch longer. Its funny how people spaz over the thought of a vert skate lol.
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