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tips on centering a plate?
Yes, I need advice, too....Help

I freak when mounting my own skates, but my experience with others (professionals) who drill my boot are not always accurate. So, doing it myself is just as good. Any tips would be helpful. I know most of you have created your own setups and that is so unique within our community. Thanks for any tips!

ps. I have composited the evolution of my skates since 2002 (there were others before but...) Any advice for grindbars? I really want to try out this new wider truck setup and longer wheelbase and am anxious to assemble them. They will be mounted on new Riedell Carrera Speed Boots. Help, quick!!!


: So far it seems that people freak on putting on plates if they arent artistic set up. And I want to put a full length plate on mine so might have to do it myself unless I can get Lisa to do it or who knows who else lol. I dont have the money to afford a screw up right now to learn. So any tips? I have a SUPER good eye that I can tell from looking if one plate is even a mm off, just dont know what IS center. I dont know if the snyder tool would do or if I should eyeball the boot from above to get it centered or measure a line to the 2nd and 3rd toe or whats the most accurate way. Any help? I'm afraid to do this without having watch it being done since I learn by observing. I dont get what the deal is on putting on a plate thats an inch longer. Its funny how people spaz over the thought of a vert skate lol.
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