Vertical Rollerskating


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Thank you! :-)

: I'm glad I could get it over this time. You should see Holger skating in person. I think he would be quite an inspiration to you!
Yeah, just was tired last night so didnt look at the boot part but that eases me with being so accurate with the plates. As long as both are the same and if anything, have the wheels going out a touch to make sidestance easier. Now hopefully Lisa can give me a plate size so I can do this!

Hey, have any videos of him sk8n? He has such an interesting set up. Like to see how it works in action! I hope one day I have some money. I want to focus mostly on street and vert. I would love to try different set ups and grind plates. I wish I knew how to contact Brain W. I LOVE his plates!! I've learned so much from this forum, thanks.
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