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Pict 3nd try
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Hahahaha! U got hairy legs lol. Just teasing ya! :-D

Thanks, very helpful.

Yeah, noticed how the outside wheel looks like its a touch more out then the inside wheel which is what I would think would happen with the wheels way forward. In speed boots, the center on top is supposed to be the center of the widest part of the boot, the ball of the foot. Just if you extend the line and have the wheels forward, in the speed boots the toe box is more triangular to the big toe so more wheel would show near the outside little toe making it appear off center. But if it were a square inline boot it wouldnt be as noticeable. So I think that having my wheels forward will give that impression of being off centered looking down from the top since more wheel will show on the outside but it will still be centered right? I havent done it yet but if my exisiting plates were stretched, I know thats what it would look like the closer I get towards the toe if I didnt change the angle of the plate. I hope I made sense lol.

I think I can do it. Just hope I can drill in straight on the thicker heel. And I assume I should get some wood putty to stop up the holes or is that not necessary? I hope I got this right. I would like to try a setup with skateboard trucks once I have the money.

Would the standard width trucks still be fine until I figure out how to grind? I think so.
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