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Is this info correct?
I searched the net and this is what I found. Seems easy:

"First find the center line of your plate which is basically the rivet holes that hold on your hangers and draw a line down them. You will have to put some kind of mark at the front and back of the plate and you might even already have one from the first person that mounted you skates.

On your boot find the center line and make a line. The center line would be the middle of your heel and the middle of the fattest part of your sole under the ball of the foot.

This way the center of your foot is on the center of the skate. If you look at your old boots you will see that if you draw a center line on it that the center line will (should) got right in the middle of the mounting holes."

I dont quite get the centering on the plate. Seems like there is a center mark already on the plate, right?

And it seems like you basically measure the middle point at the middle of your heel and middle of the ball of the foot and make a line. Just is this also correct for full length plates? Please help lol!
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