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Thank you! :-)
: : Hey, have any videos of him sk8n?
: You can see him on the AirAttack video which you can find on Rene Hulgreen's web site. He is also the roller skater on the cover of the video. His set-up was more conventional back then. He has also posted a video about his travel to Barbados here in the forum.
: : I wish I knew how to contact Brain W. I LOVE his plates!!
: You can find his email address here in the forum.
: : I've learned so much from this forum, thanks.
: I am glad to hear this. I am happy that there are more roller skaters out there.

Lisa told me some of the derby girls are messing around at the skateparks. Just I think they are just doing some simple incline stuff, nothing serious. I hope one day there is another newbie delving into it like me! I dont want to see this sport die.

Another problem I will have is that if I want a full length plate, it will go beyong my boot. Ugh.......
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