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Thank you! :-)
: I thought it could be seen on the picture behind the link. How can I describe it better? For side stance, you need to put your skates at an angle of 180 degrees. With normal alignment, you also have to put your feet at that angle. The way Holger constructed his skates, this angle is significantly smaller.
I see it clearly now! I was looking at his plates, not his "boot." That would be a much easier set up for sidestance for sure. Yep, I get it!!

: I think you will have nice ramp skates. The most important thing is to have something to skate with and not to freak out about how to build the optimal setup. As you can see with Irene's skates, this will evolve anyhow. You will learn how to improve your setup by using it.

I guess this is a lengthy and expensive process since what works for you, might not work for me and vice versa. Having a problem with pads too since I'm so tiny. Most knee pads are too wide and long for me it seems lol.

Yeah, from skating on my current set up I've realized a longer plate would help. I guess in time I'll discover about grind plates, larger trucks, angles, etc. Thanks again!
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